William and Mary International Academy is located in Beijing in close proximity to the picturesque Taoranting Park on the corner of 2nd ring road. William and Mary International Academy is associated with the esteemed Capital Normal University. William and Mary International Academy is devoted to the incorporation of the education essences of the United States and China with a stress on the EQO Education Teaching Model (Essential Qualities Oriented). The EQO Education Teaching Model is engrossed in bilingual education which forms a top domestic scholastic product. Through individualized training in small classes, Montessori teaching and a plethora of sensitivity courses, William and Mary International Academy is focused on the formation of children’s ingenuity, awareness, and self-assurance which forms the personality progression of children.

Our classrooms

Montessori Educational Center                    ■Science Labs

Fairy Tale Theatre                                       ■Art Gallery

Kitchen                                                    Library 

Foundation Garden                                    Recreational Area 

Scenic Courtyard                                       Enclosed Leisure Center

Children’s Outdoor Bound Room



Organic Vegetables                                     ■Organic Milk

Absolutely No GMO                                       ■QS Certified Seasoning

Healthy and Well-Balanced Meals                   ■Skilled Global Chefs

  William and Mary International Academy is a modern and new brand of what an international kindergarten can be. We bestow a boundless importance in information technology development through the use of up-to-date management tools for education and parental dialogue to provide quality home information services.